Our Favorite Slow Release Fertilizers

At www.slowreleasefertilizers.com, people are looking to us for a recommendation. We know that and take that seriously. The fact is that there are a ton of choices. Mom and Pop Brands, National Brands, Local Brands, Expert Brands, and Unknown Brands. However, in our view, there are two that rise to the top of the pile:

We recommend Dynamite Plant Food, one of the best slow release fertilizers on the market.  It lasts up to 9 months and feeds with many of the most essential nutrients. Dynamite costs a bit more than other controlled-release fertilizers, but it won’t need to be reapplied or supplemented, since it has all the nutrients your plants will need. I still prefer building your soil, but there are times when convenience is hard to argue with and Dynamite combines convenience with results. You can learn more about slow release fertilizers by exploring our fine site. 

www.slowreleasefertilizers.com or by visiting 

www.dynamiteplantfood.com.  Happy Planting!

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OsmocoteSlow Release Fertilizers

Osmocote is also a great brand.  It is easy to find, and nationally available (which is a plus).  The negative however, is that it does not hold up as well in the hot hot humid summers as Dynamite Plant Food  (www.dynamiteplantfood.com). 

You can explore our fine site http://www.slowreleasefertilizers.com to learn more.